Melissa Jarvis

We all have two sides...

"Look at anyone's bookcase at home, no matter how modest, and you're going to find a book that contains wisdom or ideas or a language that's at least a thousand years old. And the idea that humans have created a mechanism to time travel, to hurl ideas into the future, it sort of bookends. Books are a time machine."

-Jonathan Nolan


A race against time…

Sarah James is an experienced agent for the time travel agency the Lineage.  Her boss, Derek Massey, is an enigma, who never lets anyone close, and prefers it that way.

But when the timeline is thrown into chaos, they are the only ones who can save the world.  Their journey will take them from decadent Pompeii to Renaissance Italy, where passion, danger and secrets threaten not just them, but the future as we know it.

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